Great Gifts for your favorite Geek

Geek. It truly is a term of endearment in our world. We love them.  They make our computers work, our phones connect, and can show us how smart they are within 2 seconds without trying and without ever meaning to show that side. I’ll let you in on a little secret…I’m a bit of a geek, too.

Have a multi-person gaming, computer-obsessed, Star Wars (or Trek) fanatic on your hands? Do you default to the always available Amazon gift card or graphic tee to add to their collection? Do your dinners or date nights sound like this epic scene from The Big Bang Theory?


No? Just me? Sure…

We all know one and we think we have the perfect idea for their Christmas morning…until they open it.  If you are like me you put a lot of thought into the perfect gift for everyone on your list so bombing big is a nightmare. Shop this list so you don’t disappoint your favorite lovable geek this holiday season!

The Science Geek 

The one that can recite the Periodic Table in alphabetical order in under 30 seconds.

The Elemental, My Dear Spice Rack from ModCloth

The Music Geek 

They’re always drumming, humming, or tweaking their latest digital mix. With the recycled brass string bracelet they are set with a cool talking point for their next jam sesh.

Recycled Brass String Bracelet from Not on the High Street

The Chic Geek 

The Michael Kors Battery Wallet is one that may just be landing itself on my wish list this year (Ballet pink, dear). Make sure the chic geek in your life is only caught charging in style. Available in multiple colors this geek gift is sure to please everyone on your list.

Michael Kors Battery Wallet {Image per Haper’s Bazaar} 

The Photography/Video Geek

Is it art or manipulation? Because that is the greatest question to all photographic and videographic artists.  Get them a GoPro or GoPro accessories.


The Gaming Geek

Any Zelda fans? This Triforce lamp would be a definite winner come Christmas morning! It is the gift of power, wisdom, and courage.

Triforce Lamp

The Historical Geek 

This one requires a little more love as you would have to make it yourself. But, this DIY would be a super cool gift as a kit, as well. Let those technical minds do the magic.

The Abacus Bracelet 

The Fit Geek 

The FitBit.


But let’s face it. If they are truly a Fit Geek they have it. So splurge for an awesome Tory Burch cover for the ladies or the Aria Scale for the guys.

The Haphazard Geek 

Do you have the lovable geek that loses everything?

Tile.  Tile is a tiny Bluetooth tracker and easy-to-use app that finds your phone, keys, and anything you don’t want to lose-in seconds. We think it would be perfect for that ever missing flash drive.

The No-Nonsense Geek

Do they have it all? We think every shopper and geek alike needs this gift. The KeySmart. Instead of dangling an array of keys, the KeySmart lets you reduce your key footprint by eliminating the ring.



Enjoy shopping for your favorite geek.


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