Top Toddler Tablets

The great debate is “Should They” or “Shouldn’t They”?

We believe the decision for the amount of technology your toddler should enjoy is best left up to you.  But, for those that embrace the idea, here are our top tablets to make your toddler’s day!


The Toddler Tablet

While iPads will always be a popular choice, sometimes they aren’t in the budget or you don’t want to spend a large amount on something for a 2 year old to throw at the dog. Here are 2 options for geared toward children.

Amazon Fire HD 6


With the fairly quick Fire OS, a quad-core processor, and ringing in at right under $100, the Amazon Fire HD 6 is will entertain ever the quickest of kids.  {It’s also great to have as back up tablet should said toddler fall asleep in the car and mom’s iPhone battery just died on a 6 hour road trip.}  It has more features that the Amazon Fire Kids version and might make it past the next Christmas before you need {want} to upgrade.

Add in the Free-Time App at $3 a month to ensure little Bobby doesn’t end up streaming Dad’s latest Walking Dead episodes.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids


As “child-proof” tablet  the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids seems perfect for gaming while chasing a dust bunny though the house or using as a cereal spoon.  With this rugged orange case, it also seems that it would be hard to lose for long. The Tab 3 Kids comes pre-loaded with child-friendly software and with 2GB RAM it is fast competitor to the grown up version that can hold plenty of games and children’s books.



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